Mogoeng delivers Es’kia Mphahlele Memorial Lecture

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng focused on the rejection of African values.

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has delivered the ninth annual Es’kia Mphahlele Memorial Lecture at Unisa in Polokwane on Friday night.

The lecture is held every year to honour the legacy of writer and educationist Mphahlele, who is regarded amongst the university’s notable alumni.

In his delivery, Mogoeng focused on the rejection of African values.

He says these values no longer play a bigger role in transforming education.

“As professor Mphahlele greatly observed, the transformation that Africa needs is one that shapes our politics, arts, social welfare and education systems in ways that are consistent with African values. It is all encompassing, every aspect of our lives especially our education must be strongly guided by these values,” adds Mogoeng.

Mogoeng also says the number of incidents where teachers and parents are attacked by some children is concerning.

“There is a manifest breakdown of discipline at all levels of our society, what used to be unthinkable now happens with frightening regularity and has been allowed to be a new normal. Students beat up teachers, children defy parental authority and even beat their parents,” he explains.