Lucas Bambo On Rolex: It’s Time for Rolex

Bambo on Rolex Moments:

(Reflections on Life Experiences)

It’s Time for Rolex

For Reflections on Life Experiences,

Like a clock, time moves on,

Incessantly like a Rolex watch,

Ticking without fail – all the time,

Regardless of what we do or don’t do,

Regardless of our excuses,

Of what we accomplish or fail to accomplish,

Of our dreams and hopes, feelings and experiences,

Seasons come and go like a Rolex watch,

It’s a never ending cycle,

Our time to meet has come,

To know each other,


To have conversations and share our life journeys,


To reflect and share our experiences,


About life, good and bad and stuff in between:

  • Our pet likes and dislikes,
  • Our joys and our sorrows,
  • Our hopes and our fears,
  • Our loves and our hatreds,
  • Our successes and our failures,
  • Our frustrations and our aspirations,


And Things that make us smile and what excites us,

  • What pulls us down and makes us sad,
  • What gives us the courage to step forward …
  • Into new forays and difficult terrains,
  • Sometimes into uncertain directions and unknown futures,


Which beliefs keep you going in difficult times?

  • And keep you focused on your goals ahead?
  • And committed to your dreams and visions in your head?
  • Even though the path ahead is sometimes unclear and murky?

Which interests keep you company when bored?

  • And which passions fire your heart ?
  • And keep you awake late into the night?
  • Which convictions steady your legs triumphantly to the finishing line?
  • Even when weary and tired, hurting and shaky …?
  • At challenging moments like in the Olympics?
  • Or when climbing Kilimanjaro with the Trek4Mandela Expedition?
  • To raise funds for impoverished girls …?
  • To give them dignity through sanitary pads  ?


What drives you mad with rage and anger?

  • And what calms you down?
  • What brings back the smile on your face?
  • After a rough day at the office?
  • Or after hearing disappointing news?
  • What turns on your laughter and delights your spirit?
  • What brings you happiness and makes you proud?


What makes our life journeys worthwhile?

  • In the face of daunting obstacles?
  • And sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges?
  • It’s time to share Rolex (Reflections on Life Experiences) moments and journeys.


Welcome to my weekly column, Bambo on Rolex Moments – aka “Reflections on Life Experiences”.

Although we are not about and are not promoting the distinctive, aspirational, and elegantly crafted ornamental piece of great investment value, that happens to also display time on the wrist, I must confess I admire the Rolex time piece, and wouldn’t mind displaying this glittering asset on my wrist, if only I could afford one.

Asked at a conference, how business was in the watch industry, a former Chairman of Rolex, once insightfully answered that Rolex is not in the watch business, they are in the aspirational business.


This column shares the aspirational values of Rolex and what the watch embodies: excellence, quality, elegance, and consistent superior performance at all times. These are some of the values that this column, subscribes to and will endeavour to capture on a weekly basis.


The Bambo on Rolex column is also about the triumph of the human spirit over adversity and hardships, evil and the grinds of everyday living experiences, lessons and the tapestry of emotions, as people go about their daily motions and routines. The column is launched during the Rio Olympics at which the right of Caster Semenya to compete as a woman is once again being questioned. She is headstrong and not distracted by what she calls her haters.

Wayde van Niekek has set a new world record in the 400m race by shattering Michael Johnson’s 17 year record to get South Africa’s first gold medal. We expect Caster to follow suit on winning her heats to also get gold in the 800m category.


The column is importantly and mostly about the highs and lows of the common man and woman, and their excitements and their disappointments, their aspirations and hopes and their consistent small wins and victories that we collectively call SUCCESS.


Your comments and views are most welcome in the comments column below and please feel free to share this column or parts of it, with friends, family and colleagues on social media, whenever a nerve is touched.


Lucas Bambo is a business blogger , a presentations coach, and a  website content expert on fixing and optimising websites through website audits and website strategy plans to attract visitors and turn them into leads and delighted customers;

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