When Collen Maine was elected president of the ANC Youth League the first advice I gave him was for him to hit the gymn. My advice was based on his big frame for a youth leader. He did not heed my call and the consequences are telling. His utterances on behalf of the league are shocking, something common with people in bad physical shape.

In office for only six months, Maine has disappointed. He has failed to honour important media interviews, failed his comrades by absenting himself from important league meetings, uttered some of the most idiotic statements on behalf of the league. On Sunday, in Soshanguve, Gauteng, he came out firing on all cylinders to defend the embattled Gupta family.

Embarassed by the idiotic pronouncements of their leader, some of the ANC Youth Leaguers in the Soshanguve rally acted disruptively and booed their leader. This is strange since it is the same league members who elected him president only six months ago. One does not have be a rocket scientist to realise that this young old man was imposed on the league by his handlers – the ANC premier league. The president of the league does not stop singing praises to his mentor and benefactor, Supra Mahumapelo, chairman of the ANC in Northwest and Premier of the province, and a key member of the league.

Analysts agree that the Gupta family and the premier league are good friends. The media has long exposed the relationship between the ANC provincial barons and the wealthy family. Who does not know how the premier league captured both the ANC Youth League and the women’s arm, the ANCWL. Political analysts even go further to opine that the ANC’s biggest province, KwaZulu Natal, has fallen to the premier league with the triumph of Sihle Zikalala over Senzo Mchunu. It is only a matter of time before Zikalala takes over the Premiership of KZN and takes his rightful place in the premier league.

Now, does Maine have a relationship with the Guptas? It is obviously difficult, for now, to confirm this relationship. However, the manner in which he has come out in defence of the Guptas suggests the “militant”leader is already in the Gupta pocket. It is really politically unthinkable for a Youth League leader to suddenly come to the defence of an embattled capitalist family. What has this got to do with the league? If Maine and his colleagues in the leadership of the Youth League are captive to the Guptas, then the future of the league is bleak indeed. It appears like the knives are already out for the former Northwest MEC.

What makes Maine very vulnerable is the fact he had to resign from his high paying and influential position as a provincial minister to take a position of a low paying president of the Youth League and this must have serious consequences for his lifestyle, especially because of his appetite and life of bling that he is used to. Surely someone must do something about his sudden shortfall when he left his position as MEC. The Guptas are always on the prowl to capture influential politicians in need of cash. Soon, and very soon, the truth will out.

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