Africa Must Improve Governance

In recent time we have been confronted with a few incidents and issues in South Africa that calls for urgent collective attention and consideration. This article is intended to broaden up the discussion around such issues for the sake of locating a moral response within our society.

At the onset I think we need to agree that taking away a life of an individual or a group of people under the aegis of them being foreign to you is wrong in an extreme. It is incorrect to label any person foreign on the basis that they are unknown to you or that they went through a human made barrier to reach you. People who live on this earth have many things in common to the extent that labeling one another as outsider doesn’t make sense.

South Africans who participated in displacing people from some communities, looting their businesses and in certain instances killing them, did so because they failed to appreciate that we all are human and therefore share the identity of being Africans in Africa. Therefore, when we attack communities from some parts of Africa, we simply are denying ourselves a common African identity.

We must accept that those who do crime and are forever in contrast with the laws of our country, irrespective of their nationality, gender, religion, race or even creed, must be treated as such. It is not helpful to paint all people with one brush when we actually can isolate those who are mischievous and act decisively against them applying the law.

The mentality of “Operation Fiela” must be to rid South Africa of individuals who have entered the country without going through the normal immigration procedures. This is because anyone who does not want to be identifiable might be having ideas that contradict the universal laws and the laws governing humanity in general. I agree with the law when it requires all people to be properly registered and accounted because without this, we will be unable to govern this country in a manner where resources are equitably shared.

Our national budget will cover our needs only when the authorities know how many we are in the country. The country will also be safe from those who act criminally and are able to dodge arrests. The requirement that people must be known and accounted for is designed to make South Africa safer. Our responsibility as citizens is to alert the authority about people who come into the country with sinister motives. This is the responsibility we must carry out with fear or favour if we were to rid our country of crime.

Of great significance is to encourage the neighbouring countries to practice good and effective governance so that citizens mustn’t find it compelling to leave their countries in search of “good life”. Good life must be offered by those with the responsibility to create political, economic and social stability in their countries. Despots must be denied the opportunity to govern and in their place patriots must lead the people. This is how South Africa will be saved from having to admit a population larger than its own.

This does not in anyway stop Africans from moving from one country to another as we share skills and knowledge required to improve our continent and the lives of God’s people

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