Raid on Mathabatha’s office: Release all the travel reports, Mr Premier

The DA has written to the Limpopo Premier, Stan Mathabatha to publish a detailed report pertaining all the international trips that his office undertook including Members of his Executive.

The report must include the following:

Reasons for the trips;
Size of the delegation including non-officials;
Cost of the trips; and
Service providers utilised to organise these trips.
The Hawks raided his office and several houses on Friday confiscating documents and computers belonging to officials in his office. These actions cannot be taken lightly and the Legislature must take it upon itself to conduct due oversight in this regard.

It is alleged that Premier Mathabatha has deliberately opted to keep this internal report which contains allegations of nepotism, collusion and tender irregularities as well as the abuse of power by officials in his office under wraps.

Some officials in the supply chain management (SCM ) are alleged to have colluded with travel agencies to inflate invoices and create fictitious trips whilst other officials were using state resources to run their own private businesses since 2014 under Mathabatha’s watch.

As the Accounting Officer, Premier Mathabatha cannot distance himself from any maladministration or exorbitant costs.

The DA believes that the raid compromises the image of the entire office due to Mathabatha’s lack of leadership and unwillingness to take action against corrupt officials and politicians implicated in various scandals such as VBS Mutual Bank, tender irregularities, irregular and wasteful expenditure, financial mismanagement and corruption in various municipalities and departments.

It is clear that Premier Mathabatha has been very lenient towards these corrupt officials and politicians and opted to come to their defense by deploying them in other departments.

Under Premier Mathabatha, the province incurred R8.3 billion in irregular expenditure, R198 million in unauthorised expenditure and fruitless and wasteful expenditure of R539 million since 2014 but not even a single official has been held accountable or fired over these scandals.

This depicts a clear picture of a new government under Premier Mathabatha which will continue to have weak internal controls and disregard for compliance with legislation and Supply Chain Management (SCM ) policy whilst steps will not be taken to hold officials accountable.

The DA urges Premier Mathabatha to come clean and ensure that this internal report is released for public scrutiny and ensure that steps are being taken against these officials in his office.