I look forward to debating Cyril Ramaphosa live on SABC 10 days before Election Day

Today I received a formal invite to participate in the Big Debate’s official Presidential Debate to be held on 28 April 2019 and aired live on SABC 2 and various SABC radio stations. I welcome this initiative and look forward to going toe-to-toe with Cyril Ramaphosa to debate our respective plans to deal with our country’s most pressing challenges.

It is high time that we debate real solutions to grow our economy, create jobs, eradicate corruption, ensure quality healthcare, and keep our citizens safe, and this provides an ideal opportunity to demonstrate to South Africans the differences between the policy offers of the DA and the ANC.

Voters are best empowered to make informed decisions when presented with the government track record and credible policy offers of those seeking to lead our nation. Instead of orchestrating and endorsing violent “shutdown” protests, the ANC President ought to come to this debate and present his plans and policies to the electorate.

Cyril Ramaphosa has promised to create a culture of transparency and accountability, and this provides him with a perfect opportunity to break with the past and show South Africans he is different to his predecessor.