Musina wastes R100k on overtime stipends

The DA is concerned that 22 employees working in the technical department of the Musina municipality received R100 000 in overtime stipends since January 2019.

The employees in questions earn between R10 000 to R31 000 a month and yet claimed more money for overtime.

These employees claim between R1500 and R13 000 per month in addition to their monthly salaries.

The DA opposed this expense last week during a council meeting.

According to the business day report from the executive committee , these workers require more time due to the nature of their work as they are providing essential services which might have an impact on the supply of electricity to all water pumps.

The DA can confirm that there are no agreements or any council resolution in place that allow these employees to work irregular hours in terms of legislation. It is further clear that there are no monitoring systems in place to ensure that overtime is minimized and only utilised when absolutely necessary.

See the documents here, here and here.

During the council meeting, the uncaring ANC council push though these payments under the auspice that it complies with the employment act and that it meets the Auditor General’s requirements.

The DA believes that paying overtime to these employees is hampers service delivery in the municipality and specifically to poor and rural residents.

The DA is certain that payment of exorbitant overtime is not only practices in Musina and will submit written questions to the MEC for Corporate Governance , Jerry Ndou to ascertain the extent hereof.

We urge the MEC to prioritise the implementation of systems to ensure that cadres do not just receive overtime because they are not working during office hours.

Only a DA government stands ready to speed up the delivery of quality basic services that will guarantee the dignity of all residents in One South Africa for All.