Father back in high court for son’s murder

An SABC official in KwaZulu-Natal was sexually assaulted in the presence of colleagues and the human resources department simply conducted an informal inquiry which failed to reach a conclusion.

This is one of the shocking revelations by an internal inquiry into sexual harassment at the public broadcaster.

Presenting the report on Tuesday, former chairperson of the Commission for Gender Equality Mfanozelwe Shozi said at the time of the inquiry it was the whistleblowers who came forth with the information, adding that efforts were made to reach the complainant who refused to give evidence.

“We learned that person [complainant] had been given a job by the alleged perpetrator. The SABC should investigate this. Human resources did not do what it was supposed [to do]. It treated the complaint informally and there was no conclusion,” said Shozi, who was part of the commission that investigated the sexual harassment cases.

The internal commission said there were more cases at the broadcaster’s radio sections than television, where the request for an inquiry originated, noting that KwaZulu-Natal registered more serious sexual harassment issues. It was the only province which needed such special attention.

Shozi said the unions failed the complainants by doing nothing to help them

Source: Sowetan