Limpopo spokesperson Phuti Seloba accused of leaking info to EFF

Limpopo MEC for economic development Seaparo Sekoati has expressed worry over allegations that provincial spokesperson Phuthi Seloba gave privileged information about the executive members to the leader of the opposition.

Speaking on behalf of the government yesterday after an executive council meeting, Sekoati said they were very concerned that Seloba could engage in such activities outside his mandate.

Last week EFF provincial chairperson Jossey Buthane claimed on social media that Seloba had told him that premier Stan Mathabatha missed crucial meetings because “he is always drunk”.

Mathabatha’s spokesperson Kenny Mathivha said the provincial government has been made aware of the serious allegations against Seloba in the past few days.

“In view of the seriousness of these allegations, Mr Seloba has been given an opportunity to make representations as to why he should not be suspended pending investigations.

“Mr Seloba has been given an opportunity up to Monday November 5, to respond to these allegations,” Mathivha said.

Buthane also made further allegations on social media that saw Seloba drag him to court this week in an attempt to stop him. But Seloba’s application for urgent interdict against Buthane was struck off the roll at the Limpopo high court.

“The council will act after having a director-general’s report on the issue,” Sekoati said.

Sekoati said spreading information regarding members of the executive council was a breach of ethics code of conduct.

However, a member of executive council, who wished to remain anonymous, said Seloba’s matter was discussed.

“We resolved that he should be suspended while the matter is being investigated,” said the member.

“Our government is under attack at the moment and we can’t have an official who is alleged to be feeding the opposition with sensitive information.”

The member said they were, however, divided on whether to suspend Seloba, but due to the seriousness of the allegation they finally agreed to make him step aside.

However, Seloba yesterday told Sowetan he was not on suspension.

“As I’m talking to you I’m in the office and I haven’t received any communication regarding suspension. If asked to step aside I will do so, I want my name to be cleared,” he said.

Source: sowetan