Blind Limpopo man, 98, can’t wait to move into his new house

A blind Limpopo man from Madikana village, in Dendron Molemole local municipality, could hear the celebratory noise and ululation from the bed of his one-roomed house when human settlements MEC Jerry Ndou arrived to hand over a new four-roomed house yesterday.

A bedridden Matome Moto,98, said: “I’m happy for the house and I would like to thank our government for that. My body can’t take it [getting out of bed] anymore, I’m old.

I can hear the noise outside the house. They told me there will be people coming to open my house.”

Moto said he was looking forward to being relocated to his new house.

Moto’s life was shattered when he became blind at the age of 58 and had to give up his job in Pretoria.

Moto also lost his wife a few years ago.

His son Obed, 64, said he was happy for his father.

“It’s a beautiful four-roomed house but it’s a pity he can’t see it. He doesn’t speak for long and his speech volume vanishes in the middle of the conversation,” he said.

MEC Ndou said the house was built in partnership with a private company.

“Ours is a caring government, however people will be saying we only build houses towards elections. If the community raise their problems correctly they will be heard,” he said.

Ndou labelled those burning and destroying government properties as “bored people”.

“People get bored and burn government properties and others close down roads. Where services don’t reach you, tell us,” he added.

Businesswoman Zorha Khan, who built the house, said her company spent more than R100 000 on the dwelling.