MEMBERS of the DA Women’s Network picketed outside Limpopo Premier Stan Mathabatha’s office yesterday.

The aim of the picket, led by MP Desiree van der Walt, was to raise awareness of the province’s sanitation crisis.

She said 73% of households in Limpopo still use pit toilets while 3,5% have no sanitation facilities.

Van der Walt said 916 schools in Limpopo use pit toilets.

“We have seen youths lose their lives because of the government’s failure to provide proper sanitation.

“We can’t allow our young people to suffer,” she said.

Their memorandum called for the removal of pit toilets in schools and kasis.

The women’s network also called for temporary sanitation facilities to be provided to rural schools and communities.

Van der Walt said she is going to take the issue to parliament so it can be brought to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s attention.

She said the women’s network was disappointed as they not allowed to submit their memorandum to the premier.

Limpopo government spokesman Phuti Seloba said the use of pit toilets was a national problem.

“As a province we are trying our best to resolve the issue,” he said.

The picket comes on the heels of Omari Monono’s death.

Last week, Omari (3) was found in a pit toilet in Ditenteng, outside Polokwane.

He will be laid to rest tomorrow.

Source: Dailysun