Statement of the ANC Limpopo.

The PWC of the ANC in Limpopo held a special meeting on the 9th of July 2018.

This meeting took place after the PEC met on 27th June 2018 to elect this PWC following a successful Provincial conference held from 22nd to 24th June 2018.

PWC acknowledged that this meeting takes place just a week before the birth date of the father of our nation Tata Nelson Mandela, marking his centenary year, and that this calls for all of us to emulate his noble deeds and commit ourselves to serve our people unreservedly.

PWC received correspondence from Luthuli House informing us about the appointment of Cde George Mashamba as Chairperson of National Integrity Commission. Comrade George Mashamba is a liberation hero and one of the finest cadres ever to be produced by the movement. We know him to be a man of outstanding qualities and impeccable credentials. His appointment is a recognition and a befitting tribute to many gallant generations of freedom fighters hailing from a province which was called the Great North by President OR Tambo. We wish to take this opportunity to congratulate Cde George and wish him well on his appointment in this esteemed responsibility

The PWC further received a comprehensive briefing on the state of Municipalities from Cde Zweli Mkhize who attended the meeting in his capacity as ANC deployee in government. The PWC acknowledged that whilst some of our municipalities are doing a commendable job in servicing our communities, an extensive work still needs to be done to support and capacitate many who still face challenges. The leadership will in due course making assessment of the state of municipal governance in the Province and devise strategies to support deployees at that level.

Cde Zweli Mkhize will visit the Vuwani area where he will engage with various stakeholders to facilitate a speedy resolution of the Vuwani impasse which has remained on the agenda for an extended period now.

PWC expressed its support for all State Agencies currently seized with the responsibility to resolve the VBS crisis which has brought untold sufferings to the most vulnerable sections of our society, the aged and poor. The PWC calls on State Agencies to speed up investigation into the matter and bring to book those responsible for the disastrous situation. We reiterate the calls by the ministries of Treasury and COGHTA that officials who have facilitated these transactions should face consequences

The PWC strongly holds that all efforts should be put in place to ensure that the bank is rescued back to its viability. There should never be a temptation to wind up the bank as part of the intervention strategy as that is tantamount to undermining initiatives by the previously marginalised in order to propitiate monopolies that continue to accumulate and enjoy privileges of the past. VBS is the pride of the Africans. It is the commercial treasure of Black entrepreuners.

It is a firm view of the PWC that, though not withstanding the current challenges facing the bank, Enterprises initiatives by previously marginalised people of our country must be supported. Any attempt to find solution outside resuscitating the Bank will go a long in reversing and derailing the agenda for Socio-economic inclusivity. The ANC in the province will not allow the imposition of monopoly institutions under the pretext that it is in the interest of the beneficiaries. We have not forgotten that some of these institutions rejected our people when they needed them most. A case in point is the rejection of Caster Semenya by one of these institutions when her career was still nascent and blossoming

The PWC further calls on the curator to ensure that our poor people are compensated for their losses, and this should be done in a manner that shows respect and dignity. The PWC wishes to extend its sympathy to the clients of VBS and commits the leadership of the ANC in the Province to finding a working solution. The ANC will meet with relevant stakeholders to find ways in which the Bank can be resuscitated.

The PWC further noted that there have been nefarious intentions to besmirch the personalities of the King of the Vha-Venda, Minister Zweli Mkhize and the ANC Limpopo Provincial Treasurer Cde Danny Msiza. We wish to iterate our confidence in his Majesty and all leaders of the ANC. We call on the media to report fairly and objectively on the matter and not in a manner that does not seek to pre-empt and undermine the investigations currently underway.

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