Six people, including driving licence officers, were arrested for selling driver’s licenses on Tuesday.

They were arrested in a joint operation by the Road Traffic Management’s national traffic anti-corruption unit and the Hawks in NKowankowa, Limpopo.

Road Traffic Management spokesperson Simon Zwane said the arrests followed 18 months of investigation in which undercover operatives, working under Operation Code 14, identified officers involved in corruption at driving licence centre.

He said The Anti-Fraud Corruption Unit of the Department of Transport Limpopo with the cooperation of the Hawks confiscated documents at the testing station earlier this month

Zwane said the investigation led to the arrest of three driving licence examiners and three civilian facilitators who allegedly touted on their behalf.

The officers aged 55, 49 and 46 are expected to appear in the Ritavi Magistrate court this week.

They will joined in the dock by the civilians who are aged between 37 and 57.

Zwane said it is alleged that the civilians acted an middlemen who facilitated the payment of bribes between licence applicants and examiners.

He said the arrests marked the culmination of Operation Code and the testing centre was closed as all examiners were arrested while the other two were being sought.

Anti-corruption officers have identified corruption and bribery in the issuing of driving documents as contribution factors behind the country’s high accident rate.

Zwane said untrained and unfit drivers commit avoidable mistakes and cause unnecessary crashes that lead to injuries and fatalities.

Source: Dailysun