It did not take Hunadi Modipa long to realise that the marketing plan presented to her by Mercy Moagi was both exceptional and highly rewarding.

In the middle of the presentation, Modipa stopped Moagi and informed her that there was no need to take the presentation to its end. She had seen enough of good things and the great opportunity stared her in the face. That following day she joined the business and thus began a mutually rewarding relationship that would yield great rewards for both women.

The story of these two women from Phalaborwa is one of the most interesting in the Aim Global family. This is a tale of how if two people respect and love each other can work together to the best interests of both. The fact that Mercy and Hunadi achieved the status of Silver Executive in the same week bears testimony to the assertion. It is a matter of Upline and Downline in perfect harmony. 

When Hunadi Modipa joined the great family of Alliance in Motion Global she had virtually no network marketing experience. She was impressed by the simplicity of the business, the amazing financial rewards and the quality of the products. With an inspiring Upline like Mercy Moagi, she embarked on an exciting journey to success. Today she is part of the Aim Global leadership core that is taking both Limpopo Province and South Africa by storm. 

It would be incorrect to give the impression that Hunadi’s road to success was without obstacles. Every business represents a struggle that must be overcome and that’s exactly what Modipa went through. With little experience in networking when she joined Aim Global, she had to overcome some hurdles on her way to Silver Executive.

” For starters, I joined the business whose products were talked about and I had not seen them. It took about two months for me to receive my products but in that period I recruited one person into the business who had faith in me even though I did not have anything to show; it was a leap of faith,” explains Modipa in the Polokwane Aim Global office owned by Joe Chuene, Mercy Moagi’s Upline.

As emphasized by everyone who has reached Silver Executive level, there is no substitute for hard work and consistency. Modipa advises, “make Aim Global your life by talking to people all the time. Think about your business everyday and work with the collective. Be a team player and never think that you can succeed alone.”

For Hunadi Modipa, the attainment of Silver Executive level is just the beginning. ” The sky is the limit and the next stop is Gold Executive. I am on my way there because I have the will and the dream to reach the Gold level on my way to the ultimate in this business. Nothing is impossible,” enthuses Modipa as the interview with Limpopo Online comes to an end.

  1. Introduced to the business by Mercy
  2. Presented to me one-on-one and got in after the fifth slide and joined the following day
  3. Not much networking experience 
  4. Waited for about two months before delivery of products.
  5. Got one recruit who joined before seeing products.
  6. Challenges: people want to know how much you earn to prove that the business works; prepare to travel long distances before you earn anything; some people are difficult
  7. Rejection : patience and calm down; don’t be emotional
  8. Advice to new ones: love people, endure, struggle, 
  9. Silver: came unexpectedly; it was upline Mercy advised me to check my status and discovered that I was Silver.
  10. Regular presentations are key and I travel outside of Phalaborwa to spread to gospel.
  11. I have downlines in Johannesburg, Tshwane, and Mpumalanga 
  12. Future: bright future indeed. Forward ever and Backward never. Stress only at the beginning. Learnt a lot from Upline Mercy and realised the need to be proactive
  13. Teamwork: more impact if you work as a team. Sometimes three of us do one presentation broken into Company Profile/ Product/Compensation
  14. ” Unique business, great compensation and its for everyone.