Jomo Mashiane Laid To Rest

At an early age of 44, Jomo Paul Mashiane was laid to rest by hundreds of mourners in Polokwane on Saturday.
His send off was appropriate for a political activist and entrepreneur he was. The keynote speaker at the funeral was none other than the Premier of Limpopo Province and Chairperson of the African National Congress, Chupu Mathabatha.

From the memorial service held last Thursday and the subsequent funeral on Saturday, speaker after speaker paid tribute to the effervescent young Political a ctivist and businessman. His wife, parents, children and siblings were reminded that not only had they lost their loved one, but that the community and Province had suffered the same fate.

” Jomo Mashiane loved the ANC and his people,” Premier Mathabatha told the mourners. The provincial leader regaled the audiences about his interactions with the young activist. “At one stage he just showed up at my home in Tooseng. The security police tried to stop him from entering the yard but he insisted that he had the right to enter the house. By the time I went out to ask the police to let him in he had gone past the police line. Such was the character of the man,” recounted Mathabatha.

Mashiane, born in 1973, cut his political teeth in high school as a member of the Congress of South African Students. By the time the ANC was unbanned in 1990 Mashiane was a young political activist and spent some years as a volunteer and worked in the ANC provincial office. He later transformed himself into a businessman with close ties to the ANC. He gave generously to the party and worked hard to build his catering and construction businesses.

Jomo Mashiane died after a short illness and is survived by his parents, wife, five children and siblings.