It’s public knowledge that corporal punishment in Mzansi schools was abolished in 1997.

But some teachers still insist on beating up pupils at schools.

A video of a Kwazulu Natal teacher beating up two female pupils with a cane at school has surfaced on social media.

In it, a teacher is seen pulling and striking one of the pupils, who can be seen crying.

He then turns his attention to another pupil, who tries to leave the classroom before the teacher grabs her and pulls her back into the classroom.

The pupil’s jersey is pulled off during the altercation before the teacher proceeds to beat her with the cane while she screams and tries to get away.

Some of the pupils in the classroom are seen laughing throughout the ordeal. A woman then appears in the doorway and mumbles something inaudible.

Kwazulu Natal Education spokesperson Kwazi Mthethwa said the department was aware of the video and will be suspending the teacher soon.

“We condemn this violence. It is uncalled for and action will be taken,” Mthethwa said.

Source: Dailysun