Back seat with women passengers ripped out in high impact collision

Cape Town – Three people were killed and seven others injured in a high impact collision near Nelspruit that left two vehicles in pieces on Sunday morning, Mpumalanga paramedics said.

A Toyota Avanza was apparently travelling down a hill in the rain when it went into a spin, leading to a BMW X5, in the oncoming lane, crashing into its side, said Netcare 911 spokesperson Chris Botha.

Paramedics found accident debris and the twisted frames of the vehicles littered on the N4.

“The impact on the Avanza was so great that the back seat with three females was ripped out, and was ejected from the vehicle,” he said.

The three were found lying on the road, two in a critical condition and the other seriously injured.

Three women still trapped in the Avanza died on impact.

Botha said four women in the BMW were also seriously injured.

Police were investigating the exact circumstances of the collision.

Source: News24