Hichilema’s treason trial an attack on democracy in Africa

Today, a decision was handed down in the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court that opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema, is to be tried for treason in a Zambian High Court at an unspecified date.

The Democratic Alliance condemns this decision, which is nothing but a political witch hunt by an increasingly threatened President Lungu. Mr Hichilema’s arrest and detention on trumped-up charges in April is an attack on democracy and threatens to destabilise Zambia.

The party Mr Hichilema leads, the United Party for National Development, is a sister party to the DA and a co-member of the Southern African Partnership for Democratic Change (SAPDC). Together, we seek to deepen democracy in the Southern African region and advance vibrant, competitive, multiparty democracy, the rule of law, and the entrenchment of human rights and free speech across Africa.

Once a date has been set for the trial, I aim to travel to Zambia to attend his trial and give him my full support.
The DA stands in solidarity with Mr Hichilema and we will continue to focus global attention on this shameful treatment at the hands of an increasingly autocratic government.

The DA is committed to seeing improved protections of human rights for all. Until every person has the same protections in terms of the law we will not be free as people on the African continent.

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