PRODUCER and DJ “Rabs Vhafuwi”, real name Rabelani Madula, is planning to quit the music industry.

Last month, Rabs was said to have cited lack of support in the industry as his reason.

His second album Hear Me Now, sold less than 300 copies in three months.

According to Sunday Sun sources, Rabs apparently wants to quit, as his
long-time producer “Mizz”, real name Sanele Wili, allegedly cut ties with him.

One friend claimed: “Mizz has been carrying Rabs’s career for so long.

“When they started working together they needed each other to succeed. But Rabs got greedy and stopped involving Mizz.

“So Mizz got tired of watching Rabs get all the credit for his hard work.”

Another friend claimed: that all Rabs could have done was give credit where it is due and involved Mizz in everything he did. “We all came to Joburg to work. If someone can’t earn cash but is forever working, it means someone is being cheated.

“Count Your Blessings launched Rabs’s music career, and we all know Mizz did all the hard work. Going forward, this should be a lesson to both parties.”

Asked to comment, Rabs laughed it off and said: “That’s sad to think that people want to instigate negativity.

“We have one last song, then we’re done.”

For his part, DJ Mizz told the SunTeam: “I’m good with Rabs and I hope to work with him on one last project before he finally hangs the mic.

“I last saw him in November as I’m based in Cape Town.”

Mizz released an album last year, titled Never Stop Dreaming, and his single featuring Mpumi, Kuwe, is also doing well.

His music breakthrough came when he was one of the producers who worked on DJ Merlon’s Koze Kuse hit single.

His career started in 2007 and he has also worked with DJ Black Coffee during his decade in the music industry. He has signed a three-album deal with Universal Music.

Source: Dailysun

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