The Four Pillars Of Ramaphosa’s New Dawn

Preamble Although he sporadically mentioned the “new dawn” on his ANC campaign trail, it was only when he elaborated on it at his inaugural State of the Nation address in February 2018 that the phrase officially and formally entered the political dictionary of South Africa. Only two days after he had disposed of his ruinous predecessor, President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa gave notice to all South Africans that the country was on a new trajectory. Share

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Zuma’s Wednesday Waterloo

Author: Sello Lediga

No single member, cadre or leader of the African National Congress has received as much forgiveness from the organisation as Jacob Zuma in over a century; no single leader of the ANC has brought the glorious movement into disrepute as much as Jacob Zuma; no single leader of the ANC has dared Africa’s oldest liberation movement to take action against him as Jacob Zuma; and no leader of the ANC ever betrayed the organisation and the people as Jacob Zuma has done with the Guptas, for personal gain. Share

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